Albany Community Police Review Board

Dr. Veneilya Harden, Ed.D

Vice Chair

Dr. Veneilya Harden
Dr. Veneilya Harden, Ed.D

Dr. Veneilya Harden received her Doctorate of Education and Executive Leadership in August of 2020 from St. John Fisher University and her Masters in Counseling in Community Psychology with a Forensic Mental Health Certificate from The Sage Colleges in 2015. Dr. Harden was also appointed to The New York State Office of Mental through former Governor Cuomo’s Excelsior Fellowship Initiative, where she has maintained her employment for the past seven years, formerly in the Bureau of Child in Adult State Operations, where she served as the Civil Re-integration liaison for 6 of the Psychiatric facilities. Dr. Harden currently works in the Bureau of Housings Homeless and Support Unit and the Statewide Domestic Violence Liaison for OMH. Dr. Harden serves actively in the Capital Region community on the Albany Community Police Review Board as Vice Chair and Police liaison, Peer Reviewer for the ACA Journal and Project Associate with the Mclean Group focusing on Education, Leadership, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. Dr. Harden’s work is centered around advocacy, changing the historical narrative, and creating space, equity, education, and policing disparities.

Veneilya Goodwin-Harden has been serving on the board since 2017 and was appointed as Vice-Chair in 2021