Albany Community Police Review Board

Investigation Summary Report

Pursuant to § 42-343 of the City Code:

The CPRB shall have the power to conduct independent investigations as it deems warranted, even in the absence of a complaint being filed with either OPS or CPRB; the power to issue subpoenas to compel testimony and the production of evidence, and the power to discipline officers if a complaint of misconduct is sustained subject to due process procedures and findings.

This means that the Community Police Review Board can investigate any incident or complaint that Board members feel deserves more attention. The CPRB can decide to investigate an incident even if a complaint has not been sent to the Board or the Office of Professional Standards. The CPRB can also require the police department to share information and documentation for the investigation. Board members can also recommend discipline and punishment of police officers.

For any investigation with a “sustained” finding reflected below, the CPRB investigation has concluded, and the case is considered closed. The final summary report will be posted after any disciplinary charges have been sent to the Chief of Police and impacted officer pursuant to § 42-345.