Albany Community Police Review Board

The Albany Community Police Review Board (CPRB) is an independent police oversight agency. The CPRB reviews and investigates complaints of alleged misconduct committed by officers of the Albany Police Department (APD).

The CPRB aims to improve communication between the Albany Police Department and community members. The CPRB also works to increase police accountability and credibility with the communities that APD serves. The CPRB accomplishes these goals through independent and impartial investigations, policy recommendations, and community outreach.

The CPRB’s responsibilities include:

  • Receiving and reviewing community complaints of alleged police misconduct;
  • Conducting independent investigations into alleged police misconduct;
  • Reviewing investigations conducted by APD’s Office of Professional Services (OPS);
  • Reviewing APD and OPS policies;
  • Collaborating with APD and OPS to develop a police disciplinary matrix and
  • Providing policy recommendations to the Mayor, Common Council, and Police Chief.

For additional information regarding CPRB’s jurisdiction and responsibilities, please see Part 33 of Chapter 42 of the Code of the City of Albany.

In a unique arrangement, the Government Law Center at Albany Law School provides administrative services to assist the Board in its duties and day-to-day responsibilities.

CPRB is a member of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE). For more information about police oversight around the U.S., visit NACOLE.

Transitioning the CPRB from an Administrative Agency to a City Entity

The structure and work of the Albany Community Police Review Board (CPRB) is directed by Part 33 of the Albany City Code. In the original language, the Board had been required to work independently and outside the typical city structure. That means that instead of having office space and employees (among other things) associated with the City and exercising complete independence, the Board relied on an external administrative agency to manage operations.

For years, and because of this unique arrangement, the Government Law Center at the Albany Law School has taken up this role to provide the operational services needed to assist the Board in its duties and day-to-day responsibilities. For more information, visit the review language of Local Law D of 2024.

Confidentiality Stipulation

All Classified Confidential Information provided by either APD or the CPRB is used solely for investigative purposes to fulfill their respective functions, duties, and responsibilities as set forth in APD’s General Orders and Local Law J of 2020 for the CPRB and for no other purpose, all confidential information is not be disclosed except in accordance with the terms hereof.